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Heroes of the Beastborn


A ranged magic attacker that can summon storms to destroy the enemies of the Beastborn. Razkum’s twin brother.


Hymn of Battle
Auto Ability. Grimthar increases the Movement Speed and Attack Speed of allies within 6m and himself by 30% and 20% respectively, lasting for 8s. Cooldown time is 16s.
Hit Points Up: +25%
Armor Up: +25%
Attack Up: +10%
Tectonic Wrath
Auto Ability. Grimthar strikes with earth-shaking impact once for 3 attacks, dealing Damage equal to 120% of Attack to enemies within 3m.
Hit Points Up: 30%
Armor Up: +30%
Attack Up: 15%
Summon Thunder
Player Activated Ability. Grimthar summons a raging thunderstorm, dealing Damage equal to 42% of Attack per esc to enemies within 5m for 8s.
Energy Cost: 100
A Beastborn meles specialist renowned for his dual-blade-fighting style. Grimthar’s twin brother.

Last Stand
Auto ability: just before death, Rakzum becomes immune to all Damage for 3s.
Hit Points Up: +20%
Armor Up: +20%
Attack Up: +12%
Savage Frenzy
Auto Ability: Rakzum deals an additional 450 True Damage to targets with Hit Points less than 35% Hit Points, including Heroes. This skill can only be triggered once per target.
Hit Points Up: +30%
Armor Up: +30%
Attack Up: +18%
Defensive Strike
Player Activated Ability. Rakzum deals Damage equal to 50% of Attack to enemies within 4.5m, reducing 50% of incoming. Damage ad granting Control immunity for 5s.
Energy cost: 100
Brix and Brax
A sturdy two-headed tank, these Totem-wielding warriors can stop an army in its tracks.

Natural Grace
Auto Ability. Reduces the Damage Brix and Brax take by 6. While Stunning Totem is active, this increases Attack Speed by +60% but decreases Attack by -20%.
Hit Points Up: +26%
Armor Up: +26%
Attack Up: +8%
Withering Glare
Auto Ability. Either Brix or Brax stares at an enemy, reducing enemy Attack or Damage dealt by 30 for 6s.
Hit Points Up: +39%
Armor Up: +39%
Attack Up: +12%
Stunning Totem
Player Activated Ability. Brix and Brax deal 160% of Attack Damage to enemies within 5m, reducing their Movement Speed and Attack Speed by 40% for 8s. While the Totem is active (10s), the player can taunt surrounding enemies, repelling them and dealing 100 Damage.
Energy Cost: 100
A master of the dark arts capable of dealing damage from afar, manipulating enemies to self-destruct, and healing nearby allies.

Exhausting Curse
Auto Ability: Athanika enrages enemies within 6m, granting them Attack Speed +10% but dealing them additional 30% of Damage for 10s, along with 24s Cooldown time. Using Rebounding Curse can refresh this skill.
Energy Cost: 100
Cooldown: 24s.
Healing Mist
Auto Ability: Athanika scatters an invigorating herbal blend, restoring 107 Hit Points to allies within 6m and herself every 18s.
Hit Points Up: +30%
Armor Up: +30%
Attack Up: 18%
Rebounding Curse
Player Activated Ability:
Athanika deals Damage equal to 60% of Attack to enemies within 8m and curses them. Cursed targets take Damage equal to 30% of Attack when they launch attacks and self-destruct on death. Lasting for 15s.
Energy Cost: 100