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Heroes of the Undead


It is said that in life, Necrovia was a virtuous Paladin, a champion of light corrupted by years of fighting evil. As a demon, she has risen to the top of the infernal hierarchy. Her willpower, strength, and devastating dive attacks make her feard by mortal and demon alike.

Auto Ability: Necrovia deals damage equal to 80% of Attack to as many as five units within as a 3.5m radius, restoring 3% of Max Hit Points for each damaged enemy. Cooldown time is +15s.
Hit Points Up: 29%
Armor Up: +29%
Attack Up: 8%
Auto Ability: Necrovia returns to life after death with 20% of Hit Points, regaining 1% Hit Points per second for 20s.
Hit Points Up: 42%
Armor Up: +42%
Attack Up: 12%
Imperial Arrival
Player Activated Ability: Necrovia dives towards the targeted area, inflicting damage equal to 160% of Attack and stunning enemies in a 3m radius for 2s.
Energy Cost: 100
Once a greatly revered spiritual leader spiritual leader, Raxos' obsession with health and healing led him to make a pact with dark powers to extend his followers' lives forever. Now they are under his control, and he fights for the Undead Empire.

Shield of the Faithful
Auto Ability: When 8 nearby allies perish, Roxos and surrounding allies gain 33% damage reduction for 6s. Cooldown time is +8s.
Hit Points Up: 14%
Armor Up: +14%
Attack Up: 16%
Skeletal Shield
Auto Ability: Roxos and allies within 8m gain a shield that can absorb
Hit Points Up: 21%
Armor Up: +21%
Attack Up: 24%
Skull Curse
Player Activated Ability: Raxos summons a Skull Curse that lasts for 10s, transforming corpses within the area of effect into Skeletroopers or Bone Bows.
Energy cost: 100
The being known as Zymok has become so warped by the pursuit of magical power that none can remember its true face.  Who can say whether it was all worth it?

Auto Ability: Zymok detonates a corpse, inflicting damage equal to 120 % of Attack to enemies within a 3m radius. Cooldown time is 8s.
Hit Points Up: 14%
Armor Up: +14%
Attack Up: 16%
Auto Ability: Zymok decrease the hit chance of enemies within a 4m radius by 35%, lasting for 8s
Hit Points Up: 21%
Armor Up: +21%
Attack Up: 24%
Player Activated Ability: Zymok summons a rain a scorching flame, inflicting 80% damage to enemies within 5m and stunning them for 20s. The ground continues to burn for 5s, dealing a total of 80 damage to units caught inside.
Energy: 100
For centuries, Kharion has stood at the crossroads between life and death, judging the worthiness of all who stood before him. He is unsure whether the Undead Empire's mission is worthwhile, but there is no better place to guard the souls of the fallen than in its ranks.

Ravenous Swarm
Auto Ability: Kharion unleashes a swarm of flies, inflicting 30 damage per cesomd to enemies within 3m radius.
Hit Points Up: 32%
Armor Up: +32%
Attack Up: 8%
Sand Blasting
Auto Ability: Kharion explodes after death, inflcting 300 damage to enemies within 5m radius, additionally infecting them with a plague that deals 20 damage per second for 10s
Hit Points Up: 45%
Armor Up: +45%
Attack Up: 12%
Soul Hook
Player Activated Ability: Kharion grabs an enemy within 3m and inflicts 120% damage on it, stunning for 3s
Energy cost: 100