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Heroes of the Sylvan


A wise and powerful Sylvan elder dedicated to preserving balance in all things. Good at healing and defensive magic.

Forest Guardians
Auto Ability. Faunus summons 2 living trees to protect himself for 15s. The cooldown time is 20s.
Hit Points Up: +20%
Armor Up: +20%
Attack Up: +12%
Sage’s Compassion
Auto Ability. Faunus calls on the power of the wild, reducing Damage taken by allies 15mand himself by 10%.
Hit Points Up: +30%
Armor Up: +30%
Attack Up: +18%
Wild Renewal
Player Activated Ability. Faunus heals allies within 6m and himself for 380 Hit Points and removes all debuff. This also deals 220 Damage to nearby enemies and dispels any buffs.
Energy Cost: 100

Her beloved cannon can blast through enemy armor like its tinfoil.

Powder Keg
Auto Ability. Artylla accumulates a powder charge and deals Damage equal to 16 % of max Hit Points to enemies within 4m when powder bonus reaches 3.
Hit Points Up: +14%
Armor Up: +14%
Attack Up: +16%
Auto Ability: Artylla pushes her cannon to the maximum, increasing her Armor Penetration +75% and Attack Speed +30%
Hit Points Up: +21%
Armor Up: +21%
Attack Up: +12%
Explosive Blast
Player Activated Ability: Artylla blasts enemies in a line with Damage equal to 120% of her Attack, dealing 224 Damage and knockback to enemies within 4m
Energy Cost: 100

One of the oldest dragon in the world, Korthal has served the Sylvan Dominion for centuries.

Stunning Stomp
Auto Ability: Korthal tramples enemies within 3m, dealing Damage equal to 80% of attack and stunning them for 1.5s.
Revitalizing Surge
Auto Ability:After taking Damage greater than 2% of max Hit Points, Korthal regains 1% of max Hit Points.
Hit Points Up: +30%
Armor Up: +30%
Attack Up: +18%
Dragon’s Roar
Player Activated Ability:Korthal takes a deep breath and engulfs enemies in the target area in flames, dealing Damage equal to 150% of Attack and stunning them for 3s.
A brave and fearless hero that never thinks twice about charging into battle.

Crim Finale
Auto Ability: Avadorn absorbs 20% of slain enemy's max Hit Points, gaining a bonus of 25% Attack Speed. This bonus can stack up to 4 times.
Hit Points Up: +23%
Armor Up: +23%
Attack Up: +12%
Dispiriting Shout
Auto Ability: Avadorn taunts an enemy, decreasing the target's Attack by 35% for 3s.
Hit Points Up: +33%
Armor Up: +33%
Attack Up: +18%
Valorous Charge
Player Activated Ability: Avadorn dashes towards the furthest nearby enemy, ensuring the next attack deals 2× Crit Damage to enemies within 3.5m. He is immune to Attacks and Control while dashing.
Energy Cost: 100