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War Clash Producer Interview


With the global release of War Clash just days away, we invited War Clash producer Ali to talk to us about the game's development and core gameplay, and what hopes he holds for the game's future.

Q: Please introduce yourself briefly.

Hello everyone, I am Ali, game producer for War Clash at Mechanist Games. Personally I am a big fan of RTS games. My obsession with Warcraft 3 and StarCraft is at least as strong as current gamer's passion for PUBG and League of Legends. The reason why I choose a career in the gaming industry is that I love RTS games, so I have a lot of expectations towards games in this category.

Q: What is the team like? Do you have any interesting stories to tell from the development process?

We are a team full of RTS game enthusiasts. Though some of our development team may be too young to remember Warcraft 3 or StarCraft during the peak of their hype, but have come to love RTS games all the same through their interactions with other titles in the genre, and find it disappointing that there aren't more such games available, especially on mobile devices. We did have some hurdles during development. RTS games generally require a lot of control options, so moving a game of this type to touch screen devices was difficult, but I really believe we hit the perfect balance between classic RTS play style and simplified touchscreen controls. The love we have for RTS games and the desire for more mobile device options lead us to spare no efforts in designing & developing this great game.

Q: What’s War Clash like?

War Clash is our creative twist on standard RTS gameplay in an animated magic style brought to mobile. The non-asynchronous, real time setting of the game has really strengthened the excitement and uncertainties of gameplay. The classic base building, resource collection and army building players know and love, with a diverse range of heroes and a dash of magic all roll together to create the War Clash experience.

Q: As we all know, RTS games have seen better days, why designing an RTS game when popularity is lower, especially a mobile one?

The lack of good mobile RTS games has driven many game lovers to MOBA and FPS. We've heard countless requests for a solid mobile RTS game that has gameplay suitable for mobile without oversimplifying the RTS experience, and yet exactly where most mobile RTS games fail. That, combined with our own love for and investment in the game is what makes me truly believe these years of development have been worth it, bringing the War Clash experience to mobile gamers around the world.

Q: What kind of players do you think will enjoy War Clash the most?

We'd like to hope War Clash has elements for everyone to enjoy! However the gamers most likely to enjoy War Clash is probably those who did or do enjoy RTS games such as Warcraft and Starcraft. However, we believe that the game's aesthetic will also draw in the younger crowds, with easy to pick up, hard to master game play that will bring in players from across the board to reignite gamer's passion for RTS games.

Q: What major differences can gamers expect of a mobile RTS given popular RTS's to date have all been on PC?

We did a lot optimization during the process of turning what is considered a PC game type into a version that is suitable for mobile play. That said, we’ve also prepared a version for players who just can't step away from a PC as their console of choice. Both mobile and PC versions will be interlinked, meaning you can play whichever way you want to, but neither version will give an advantage over the other.

Q: I heard that War Clash has joined WUCG! What does War Clash hope to bring to eSports?

RTS games have been all the rage, and plenty of evidence for their use in eSports. At present, although the domestic e-sports market is at its peak, there are still plenty of areas to make advancements in, especially in the homogenization of e-sports products, which has led many domestic manufacturers to focus on MOBA and FPS games, leaving RTS totally ignored. We believe War Clash will undoubtedly fill this void, and become a game loved by casual and professional gamers alike.