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War Clash PVP Opens Brand New eSports World


As a classic RTS Mobile game, War Clash innovatively combines the classic RTS gameplay of base construction, unit production, wild monster battles, resources collection and mobile e-sports elements, and has won the praise of media and players around the world.

Today, we will give an overview of War Clash's core competitive gameplay, to give players an idea of why we think it's going to be a hot new game to play.
Multiple matching modes & combat experience
War Clash has prepared a variety of competitive gameplay modes for beginner and experienced RTS players alike. In the regular 1V1 mode, players can randomly match opponents with comparable strength to play against. In addition, War Clash features a 3V3 competitive mode, which is rare in past RTS games. We can't wait to see the dynamics and teamwork that 3V3 will bring about!
The game also provides a 'fair matching' mechanism in regards to players' levels, with a range of gameplay. Whether your team uses a single unit race or multiple races depends entirely on player preferences. The fast-paced combat setting is not only suitable for office workers who’ve only got fragmented game time, but also meets the social needs of mobile users, thus greatly improving the overall gaming experience.
Global rank, who is the real Boss?
Ranking matches are a core element of War Clash. Players will gain or lose a ranking level if they win or fail a match respectively. Each result directly affects player rank. The ranking tiers are divided into six: bronze, silver, gold, master, grandmaster and legend. Players can match opponents at all levels to achieve a truly fair matchup, thus providing players with more room for promotion, making the game full balanced yet challenging. In addition, the game also supports global competition, meaning players around the world can match with each other in real time.
Spectate Mode is also added in the Practice Room, players can watch and analyze other's matches, finding holes in other's techniques, or checking out what strategies elite players are using to get ahead gives players a chance to push themselves higher into the rankings.
Compatible between PC version and Mobile Version
War Clash has spared no efforts on the optimization of bringing RTS gameplay to mobile, while also focusing on the development of a PC version of the game, and ensuring smooth cross-play between them, allowing players to choose their favorite platform for experiencing their new favourite RTS mobile game.